Back to Work

Meet space division and communication tools from Ghent and Waddell that will be essential when employees get back into the office.

Offices are focusing on creating a safe space to work that also continues to promote the goals of the company. As offices and other businesses begin to reopen, health and safety is paramount. We all need solutions and we need them quickly. Our new products are providing the extra margin of safety needed to continue to operate during this time. Multi-use products are helping business achieve both goals.

For years, our tagline has been Communicate, Collaborate and Learn. Even when products are being used in unique ways, the philosophy does not change.

Desk and Table Dividers

Hold effective yet safe meetings with the Personal and Freestanding Desktop Dividers that can be arranged as shields around each employee. The Acoustic Desktop Surround is ideal for open work areas, as it blocks visual and audio distractions. Learn more about our solutions.


Workstation Dividers

Physically separate employees without affecting light and employee views by adding height to cubicle walls with Partition Extenders, or use Clear Mobile Dividers to separate work areas. Learn the difference between glass and acrylic to find the best surface for your space.


Retail & Reception

Make daily transactions safe with Countertop Protective Shields, that separate employees and customers, but still have adequate pass through space. Check employee and customer temperature safely with the Clear Mobile Divider with a Thermometer cut out.