Finish Library


Over 100 years of craftsmanship have taught us the importance of turning raw, honest materials into pieces that encourage authenticity and personalization. The materials we offer were carefully chosen to help tell your story though emotion, texture, personality and intention.

However, we know the most successful spaces are a reflection of your brand and the people it’s comprised of. If the options we offer do not fit your space, no worries, we make custom cases simple with an extended finish library, customer own material program, custom printing and stain matching services.

Extended Finish Library


Our first tier is high quality Guildford of Maine polyester. This line includes five neutral colors: Gray, Merlot, Blue, Black, and Beige. Guilford of Maine woven textiles date back to 1865 with the capabilities of designing and producing 100% of their yarns and fabrics every step of the way. 

Prominence, ChallengerColossus, EdgeVarsity, Heritage, Reliant, Spirit, Keepsake, Heirloom, Champion


Customer Own Material

Take advantage of Waddell's COM program to incorporate your brand's existing fabric choices into your case. Send in the form below with a sample of your fabric for adhesion testing to confirm that your material is compatible with the quality of our cases.    

Prominence, Challenger, Monarch, Colossus, Edge, Messenger, Varsity, Heritage, Reliant, Spirit, Keepsake, Heirloom, Champion

Complete COM Form


Custom Back Printing

Want to showcase your brand on your cases glass doors or back panel? Let your imagination run wild by including custom artwork and branding as an integral feature of your display case.  

*We can do custom back printing on all of our cases, except the Pallet Collection.


Stain Matching

Waddell's premium staining processes allow us to custom match any stain sample to create a truly, one-of-a-kind display case. Just send us a stain sample to match, and your case will integrate seamlessly into your space.  

Pallet Display, Pallet Wall, Pallet Mobile, Varsity, Heritage, Edge, Messenger, Heirloom, Legacy, Specialty, Reliant, Spirit, Monarch, Keepsake