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128 Years of Waddell History

Over a century ago, Waddell began manufacturing products that people loved. Our display cases, which showcased the products of major US companies, were among them.

How to Add Flair to Your Office or Lobby

Your office says a lot about your company. If you are looking to add a bit of flair to your environment, follow these easy tips.

Waddell Display Solutions ReInvents the Display Case at NeoCon 2017

Greenfield, OH, May 2017 — GMi Companies announces their lineup of products being featured at NeoCon 2017, the World Expo of Office Furniture Solutions. GMi, the parent company of Ghent, Waddell, and VividBoard, will be showcasing their latest products on the seventh floor of the Merchandise Mart in booth #7-2054.

New Trends in Office Furniture and Décor

We have seen a shift in the way offices are designed. Some new trends are changing the way companies choose to layout and decorate their offices.

How to Integrate Your Display Furniture Into Your Space

Your display furniture is meant to match the style of your space while calling attention to the items or awards you place within it.

Crafting Excellence: How We Build Our Display Cases

How do we build our cases? There are four major steps that transform your ideal display into a case that is delivered right to your door.

See Why Organizations Choose Waddell

See some of the wonderful things our customers have to say about our quality products and exceptional customer service.

How Lighting Affects Your Display Case

The way you choose to light your display case may seem insignificant at first, but it has an incredibly significant effect on how your items are showcased.

Show Your School Spirit!

Awards are meant to be displayed, so why not do it with elegance and pride? Our handcrafted displays will give your hard earned rewards a home that suits their prestige.