Culture Trends in the Workplace

A company can’t stay competitive anymore by offering generous 401k packages or paid time off. More employees than ever are looking to culture to see if it’s the right fit. And it makes sense.

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How to Get Privacy in an Open Office

Open offices are great for collaboration and creativity–but not so much for privacy. There are some clever ways to get around this conundrum, though. With well-designed office furniture, your workspace can return to a place of focus and productivity.

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Vote for Waddell's Pallet Collection

The Pallet Collection is up for Interior Design's Best of Year Awards and we need your help! Please vote for Pallet - voting goes until October 18th, and you can vote every day until then.

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Drawing Employees In

Think of your happy place. Does it include a nice diffused light? Or an airy sense of openness? Maybe green, leafy things bring you calm. Or a peaceful, enclosed space where you can really parse your thoughts...

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Ghent, Waddell, & VividBoard Awarded Contract from TIPS Purchasing Cooperative

GMi Companies, the parent company of Ghent, Waddell, and VividBoard, announced today that it has been awarded a contract from The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS), as an approved vendor for visual communications products including whiteboards and dry erase boards, glassboards and mobiles, bulletin boards, display cases and custom graphic whiteboards.

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Employee Well-Being with Pallet

Happy workers produce better work, so promoting wellbeing is a no brainer. So the question is: how can you encourage employees to be content? Having the ability to customize can make employees feel like their individuality is being heard.

Problems With the Open Office

The modern office. It shines in all of its multi-purpose-ness. But it can clamor with all of its distractions. How can we make it work for both collaboration and focus? We’ll share a few tips and tricks to make the office more conducive to productivity.

Waddell Furniture Adds More Space Division Solutions to Pallet Line-Up

Known for our display and space division solutions, Waddell Furniture is pleased to announce the inclusion of Pallet Wall and Pallet Mobile as part of our Pallet Collection.