Earthy Designs in Your Workspace


The Benefits of Natural, Earthy Tones

The design of your workspace plays a heavy role in the quality of the work you produce. We, as humans, are hugely impacted by the colors and design that surrounds us, as it affects us on an emotional, mental and physical level. Today, we will be discussing how to add earth tones to your interior design, the benefits of doing so,  and other elements to consider. 

Earth tones in interior design, as well as the use of wood in interior design, can be incredibly enticing when done right. There are also various psychological benefits to incorporating natural tones to your space. Often overlooked in comparison to bright pops of color, neutral shades deserve their own spotlight, too! Before we get into the specifics of wood elements in design, here are some overarching benefits to choosing a more neutral and natural toned path for your design:


  1. 1. Neutrals are easy to mix and match and are timeless. This can cut down on spending when it comes to updating your interior decor.
  3. 2. Speaking of timelessness, the wooden desk or cream lounge chair you purchased isn’t likely to go out of style any time soon. This ensures longevity, helping you feel more confident in your purchase knowing that it will look up-to-date for years to come. Natural tones can easily be spiced up with color though, through smaller accents but the benefit will be that the foundation of your design will be classic.
  5. 3. Earthy designs and neutral tones, even if your room is full of unique furniture and memorabilia, will keep your space from feeling cluttered, since neutrals allow the eyes to take in the space versus various focal points and distractions that can be caused by a larger color palette. 


Incorporating Wood Accents into Your Space


We’re sure you’ve heard the term ‘feng shui’ when it comes to interior design. When you think of feng shui, images of water fountains, lucky bamboo plants, and Chinese coins may pop into your mind. These objects are definitely ways we can create “better” feng shui, but the philosophy of feng shui expands far beyond these stereotypes.

Interior design can be used as a way to encourage your work to flow better and connect with the environment around you. When it comes to feng shui design, there are five elements: earth, metal, water, wood and fire. Today, we will be focusing on wood and how to incorporate some of our products that feature a more earthy aesthetic. The wood element represents vitality, growth and kindness. At Waddell, we incorporate as many sustainably chosen, earthy elements as we can. Here are a few of our products that highlight the beauty of wood:



  •  Define possesses double-sided functionality, including a bench, shelving, storage, tackable surfaces, power integration, a TV monitor and biophilic components to add greenery! Additionally, Define is a modern solution to space partitioning, and is still fully modular and offers multiple storage and power benefits. Composed of glassboard writing surfaces (that will not ghost, stain or scratch!), tackable surfaces and acoustic boards to reduce sound, Define approaches form and function in a whole new way.


  • Define also is laminated, and while you can choose from gray, black or white laminate options to match multiple interiors and preferences, you can choose from a cascara teakwood or planked urban oak option, allowing you to add an earthy feel to your space with ease.


Pallet Collection:

  •  Pallet Space Division FurniturePallet Wall and Pallet Mobile are all part of our collection that is fully configurable and all three pieces offer a massive variety of functionality.


  • Our Pallet Space Division is a floor piece, encouraging open office concepts and collaboration. Pallet is offered in two wood species, Pallet is offered in two wood species, knotty pine and polar, both chosen for their durability. Poplar comes in our standard stain offerings of Java, Modern Cherry, and Urban Walnut. Knotty Pine is available in Modern Cherry, Urban Walnut, and Natural. Custom stains and stain matching are available as well, to ensure you find exactly what you need to match your design. With Pallet Space Division, adding electrical function is optional, yet should you choose to add it, the electrical box will come matched to whatever laminate/color you choose. All stains are water based, to honor the character of your wood, and our Standard HPL laminate colors resist fingerprints and bacterial growth. Pallet is fully configurable, with the option of adding adjustable shelving, door pull options, and communication tools that allows you to fully personalize your new addition.
  • Pallet Wall is our modern take on the classic display case. Add to a personal workspace or office or to a shared workspace, and design each one to your custom needs. Available in the same stains and laminate options as Pallet Space Division, Pallet Wall can easily double as a beautiful wall display that shows your personality, or strictly as a workpiece that aids you in keeping your ideas and collaborations organized. This piece is available in a 38” (comes with one large and two small shelves) or 63” wide unit (comes with two large and four small shelves).
  • Pallet Mobile brings all the benefits – on wheels! Perfect for spaces that are open concept, our mobile Pallet has modular shelving, cubbies, and whiteboard accessories to work for all your needs. Available in the same laminates and colors as Pallet Wall and Pallet Space Division.

The benefits of connecting an indoor office space to nature inspired colors and elements are numerous. From small decorating choices to major landscaping projects, there are plenty of ways that offices can be brought closer to nature. For example, simply choosing a color scheme for the office that reflects natural elements such as earth tones and greens can help create a subtle connection to nature as well as adding natural elements like wood. These subtle changes can give a whole new depth to your workspace, giving you and others new levels of productivity, increased focus and better ability to collaborate with one another.