The History of School Display Cases


More Than a Display Case

For many people, visiting your old school can bring up a lot of nostalgia, partly because display cases line the hallways, showcasing memorabilia and memories from years past. Display cases hold emotion, not just belongings. Whether it’s a little girl showing her parents her artwork that is on display or the older man who comes back to reminisce about how he played on the highschool football team, school trophy cases can increase school spirit for not just the present moment, but for years to come. 

Display cases for schools are often status symbols for alumni and parents, who often want to remember their accomplishments from when they were children. We see this in pop culture, even as the decades roll past and whiteboards boards replace chalkboards on television.

Display cases provide the opportunity to incite feelings of community. Whether your school building is brand new or has old school charm, trophy display cases are a great way to instill school spirit and pride.

How It All Began


With any piece of furniture, it serves a particular function. The display cabinet is humble, and can be unassuming, but the impact it can have is powerful. It is modest in stature, serving a very obvious purpose, with simple doors and shelving. At first glance, that’s about it. At second glance, there’s much, much more. 

A subtle backdrop, display cabinets imbue their contents with prominence, elevating items to artifacts. Display cabinets are simple for a reason. They let their subject do the talking. As the years have gone by, display cases have become more sturdy, durable and have more ability for customization, versus being overly simplistic. 

At Waddell, we’ve blended the simplicity of function and form and taken the opportunity to take display cases to the next level. More specifically, we created our Spirit Display Cases to stand out, but not be overpowering. Durable, functional, and sleek, our cases perfectly integrate into educational institutions. With multiple options to customize as well as the fun option to pick colors that show school pride, our Spirit Cases can bring a whole new dynamic into your space.


The Importance of Spirit


The impact of school spirit runs deep. Here are some of it’s positive benefits:

  • • Motivation: School spirit plays a huge role in motivating students around campus and in the hallways. Picture walking down a hallway with boring, bare walls, in a solid gray color; no posters or visuals whatsoever. Now picture walking down a hallway filled with display cases, lined with posters, flyers and banners full of color! Which hallway would you rather walk down every day? School spirit makes it easy to catch the attention of busy students when walking between classes and these simple banners and hallway designs can help encourage them to do great in school.


  • • Collaboration: When your school works together towards achieving a common goal, it helps to get many staff and students involved. School spirit helps to bring people together, that in other circumstances might not have worked well before as a team.


  • • Accolades: The more a student feels motivated with school spirit and is involved in and around campus, the higher their academic achievement is. The two go hand in hand and studies show a positive correlation.

And that is only three of the plethora of positive impacts increased school spirit has. That's why when we designed our display case for schools and educational campuses in particular, we knew it had to be something special that would incite pride.


Color with Function


Craving a pop of color in your office or longing to bring a new look to your school's hallways? Or maybe you’re asking yourself how to increase school spirit? A lot of research has shown that integrating your school's colors into the decor of your school and getting in the eye-view of the students can increase school spirit, morale, and overall mood. Here are some fun facts about our Spirit Display Case:

  • Spirit cases have 360 combinations to help you best express your school pride and memorabilia. The options are endless!


  • The case has a 12” high base, which is available in 10 vibrant colors. This is the personalization option that will give you the opportunity to add that pop of color to any space in your school.


  • With any memorabilia, you want it to be safe and well-protected. Especially in schools where students could get rowdy, we’ve made our cases incredibly durable. The sleek sliding glass doors are made of tempered glass that include built-in locks. With Spirit, you’re assured that the schools accolades, treasures and trophies aren’t at risk.


  • Celebrate not only school pride, but pride in our country! Spirit (as well as all of our products) are proudly made in the USA.


  • Spirit includes 4 half-length shelves that are 14” deep and come with sturdy hardware, so even your heaviest pieces are well displayed. Need more shelving space? Not a problem! For bigger displays, you have the option of a full-length shelf that is secured and held up by a rod hanging system.


  • Spirit arrives to you in our high quality packaging, and fully assembled. So, forget the stress of putting it together and get straight to the fun part of showing off your school pride!


  • Yes, Spirit comes with our Limited Lifetime Warranty! Waddell warrants all cases to be free from defects in material and workmanship. The warranty covers replacement of parts and material only., Read more about our Limited Lifetime Warranty here

Simply put, Spirit lives up to its name by bringing function and personalization to your space. School spirit can improve a student’s commitment to education. This commitment can combat more negative behaviors, which creates a poor positive environment for both teachers and students. By giving students the ability to cherish their school experience and create better memories, these positive ripples go out into the world and make an impact.