Inspire, Encourage, Display: Introducing Recessed Cases Brochure



Starting the Year Strong

2021 was a big year for us, and 2022 is looking to be even better. With the recent launch of our Recessed Display Cases, we wanted to craft a brochure that would provide inspiration for how to design and merge your Recessed Case into your space, while also educating readers on how the customization process works. 

Turning Your Belongings Into a Story

For us, trophy cases or display cases go far beyond a method to display odds and ends or a few of your certificates or diplomas. When we created Recessed Display Cases, we wanted something that would take individuals on a journey, something that would tell a visual story. Whether it's accolades, beloved and treasured personal items, certificates or even your favorite plant, displaying what you love helps tell the story of who you are and what you value. 

As our team of designers guides you through the process, there are several customizable aspects to our cases that they cover, to make sure it not only functionally serves you but is also aesthetically pleasing and matches your interior. Here are some of the aspects we help you decide on through the process:

  • One of the most obvious customizable aspects of our Recessed Display Case is size. One case does not fit all, as we are all working out of different sized spaces. Our standard sizes start at 48"H x 48"W x 16"D and go from there. Don’t see a size that works for you? We’ve got you. Our custom sizes go up to 72" high, up to 96" wide and up 4" to 36" deep.


  • Our cases come with several door options. Classic hinged doors are of course an option, but if you’d prefer sliding doors (which are especially nifty if you need to save on space), we can do that easily.


  • One of the most important aspects to display cases is shelving! Our shelves and shelving hardware are quality, made of steel for promised durability. With this durability, your heavier memorabilia and accolades display with pride.


  • Lighting is also an option for our cases, so that you can add that extra touch to your display.


  • One the logistical parts of the customization are under way, deciding on backing options is a fun way to let your creative side shine. While we do have our classic backings (White, Cork, Textiles, Veneers and Laminates), if you’re wanting to personalize it even further you can submit custom graphics to our design team.


  • Part of deciding on final touches is the frame finishes. You can choose from Satin Natural or Dark Bronze, both of which are versatile and fit in any interior setting. 


Outside of the customization abilities, there are other features to consider that can bring a large amount of benefits!

  • The built-into-the-wall feature of this case is perfect for an area that may be tight on space, or in a space where you want a display that is off of the floor. This feature also provides a high-level of security (this case also includes built-in locks), keeping your memorabilia safe.


  • While the product may look like it requires a long installation, our qualified installers make it a simple process. Because the case is perfectly designed for tight wall openings and custom spaces, installing it is as simple as putting two puzzle pieces together.


  • Recessed Display Case is backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty, ensuring you are satisfied with your purchase from day one.


  • Whatever options you choose, Waddell promises 10 day shipping – even if your case is customized with personal logos and graphics, specifications, etc.

Why a Brochure?


As we stated above, we created our brochure on our Recessed Display Case with the intention of making a deliverable you can easily download and access that will serve as a hub for inspiration for display case ideas and also provide a simple and concise run-down of personalization options. We believe all of your best moments deserve to be displayed, and in a way that you feel tells a story about who you are with pride.