Why Lighting Matters So Much!



Shine a Light on Better Productivity

There is more to office lighting than initially meets the eye! Office lighting and productivity are inherently linked, and while lighting in the office plays a large factor in how your team functions day to day, their health and their productivity can also be affected. Employees that are deprived of natural light or a well-illuminated workspace are more easily distracted, less active and therefore less productive. However, some offices do not have skylights or windows – but artificial light can provide the same much-needed energy boost. 


Benefits of Good Light in the Office

  • •  Reduced Eye Strain

  • •  Less headaches and overall head/neck pain

  • •  Less drowsiness

  • •  Increased productivity and mood


Lighting Strategies for the Office

Here are some design strategies to boost the lighting in your workspace:

  • •  Enhance Natural Light: It’s important to maintain a balance when it comes to lighting. Lighting that is too bright or too dim can easily strain the eyes, enhancing your chance for headaches. 

  • •  Go for Matte: when it comes to paint colors, light colors make spaces feel brighter and can reflect light more effectively. However, gloss finishes can create a glare – so go for matte if you can!

  • •  Diffused Light: While windows and skylights are beautiful additions to any office, it is hard to control how bright the light is. Diffused light can be many things, like diffuser screens or frosted glass.


Additionally, it’s essential to consider the illumination of your office furniture and display cases, not just overall lighting – because your awards and most-loved possessions deserve a spotlight, too. 


A New Way to Illuminate Your Office

Besides standard overhead lighting or natural lighting, the way in which accent lighting and furniture lighting plays a part in your office matters. When it comes to display cases, they showcase your memorabilia and items that matter to you – so why not give them proper illumination?


Our Varsity Display Case is designed with the timeless look of classic wood furniture, making it seamless to configure to both an office setting or an at-home office. The built-in LED-light highlights your memorabilia in a classic way, while maintaining flexibility with its adjustable shelves. 


Prominence Display Cases offer a sleek, contemporary edge to your office design. Handcrafted with tempered glass, these office display cases are made to withstand holding weighty memorabilia. Additionally, they provide built-in LED lights, to ensure that your accomplishments are center-stage!

The Edge Display Case gives a sophisticated feel with it’s floating glass shelves and aluminum frame. With the free-hanging tempered glass shelves, there is minimal hardware, giving you and visitors a clear view of your accomplishments. It also has LED lighting, so even on gloomy days your awards still shine. 


Lighting does play an integral part in the function of your office, and whether you are looking to spruce up your office with a diffused lighting or wanting to highlight your memorabilia in a more defined way, it’s sure to enhance the mood and feel of your workspace.