Recycling in the Workplace


For many of us, we know the importance of recycling in our homes. Similarly, recycling in the workplace is just as vital. It can save businesses money and also make for a more eco-conscious team. Nearly half of the waste generated in the U.S. alone comes from businesses and other non-residential locations. Today, we want to highlight recycling opportunities you can be aware of in your own business space, and also products that align with the mission of creating a greener earth - figuratively and literally. 


Where Do We Start?

Introduce Recycling Bins in Prominent Locations 

Recycling in today’s day and age goes beyond paper, cans, and plastic bottles. Computers, ink cartridges, cell phones, and other e-waste items are just a few in the vast array of items recycling companies will reuse and reclaim. 

Be sure to check with your local municipality and waste collector first, but this is a simple checklist of items that your office may be throwing away but could be recycled instead:

  • •   E-waste: computers, cables, old cell phones, printers, or any other unwanted electronic item.
  • •   Cardboard (think of all those boxes!)
  • •   Newspapers and magazines
  • •   Aluminum cans, plastic bottles, pizza boxes, and other food packaging waste.
  • •   Scrap papers, folders, and files. 

At Waddell, we have a lot of products that are made from wood. Rather than throw away any leftover wood scraps that will eventually be tossed into a landfill, we are able to heat our building with unused wood via our boiler system in the building. This is one way we are committed to creating a more eco-conscious future and bring awareness to our team. Taking a look at the way your office functions can show you where the opportunity is to recycle!


Choosing with Intention

When it comes to being eco-friendly in the office furniture and assets you invest in, it can take a little extra research. Below are some of our products that provide added efficiency and are also made with recycled materials. These products can be recycled themselves, however, our products are made to last. We intentionally select raw wood that is meant to last a lifetime. These are investment pieces, crafted to be multifunctional to fit all of your needs throughout the years. 


  • A combination of tackable acoustic boards, tech integration, glassboard writing surfaces and storage, the Define offers something for every modern office. Open plan offices can particularly benefit from the Define, because of its multiple configurations. It’s double-sided, the fabric wrapped tackboard and acoustic board help reduce sound and the tempered glass writing surface is made from recycled material and will not stain or ghost.


  • Our Pallet Wall Display Furniture is a unique and contemporary way to inspire collaboration in the work space. Line multiple Pallet Walls together for more space to display and personalize, in tandem with other Pallet Display Space Division Furniture or as a solo addition to your office. Made in either knotty pine or poplar wood, these two types are chosen for their durability and will ensure that your piece stands the test of time in your high-traffic areas.

Every Step Matters!

At Waddell, we are proud to create quality products that are functional and will last a lifetime. Lasting products doesn’t just benefit you, but also the environment. By creating less turnover in office supplies, that means less waste in landfills. We want to set an example by moving towards more sustainable and ethical ways of creating our products, and we believe that taking intentional time to make our products is doing our part for the planet. In fact, we just received our Level 1 Green Certification, and we will continue to be dedicated to our passion of keeping our planet healthy. We hope these recommendations help you and your team gain new awareness for opportunities within your space to create a more eco-friendly environment - and in turn, a more eco-friendly world.