Using Waddell Furniture in an Educational Setting


A well-equipped classroom can help you facilitate learning and create an environment where students are comfortable sharing their ideas and collaborating with each other. If you’re rethinking the classrooms at your educational institution, you want to be sure your new layout gives students everything they need to succeed. Here are just a few ways that Waddell and Ghent furniture can be used to build a transformative classroom.


Desk Guards
During the pandemic, you want to create a socially distanced environment where students and teachers can maintain an appropriate space for everyone’s safety. To take the safety further and minimize the spread of airborne particles, you can equip each desk with a divider. These clear acrylic shields are easy to sanitize, and they keep your classroom safe without hindering the sense of classroom community.

Mobile Dividers
For mid-size classrooms, it’s often productive to break the room into smaller groups for discussion or collaborative projects. To this end, Waddell’s Pallet Mobile can be useful. Not only do these space dividers adjust easily to create small breakout ‘rooms,’ but they can also be customized with storage and whiteboards to help your students work together and absorb the course material.

Bulletin Boards
Even though the digital era has changed the traditional classroom, it’s still a good idea to add bulletin boards to your classrooms. They make it easy to display class announcements, remind students of classroom policies, and post other relevant information. Waddell’s Messenger line features a locking system, so you can be sure the billboard won’t become home to unrelated flyers and advertisements.

Award Cases
Schools take pride in their academic and athletic accomplishments, and how you choose to celebrate these achievements has an impact on school spirit. With ChampionColossus, or one of Waddell’s other display case lines, you can show off trophies and celebrate student achievements. There’s no better way to build school spirit and make your students proud of your school.