This Year's Trending Colors—Get Ready!


If your employees are still working from home, now’s the perfect time to pull off an office remodel. Even something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can give your workplace a facelift. If you’re thinking about painting, consider one of these color schemes to keep up with the trends.



The word may bring stark black and whites to mind, but monochrome doesn’t have to be bleak or boring. Instead, this trend is all about using minor variations of tint to create a cohesive look. For example, you could paint a wall of your office blue or yellow, complement it with a couch or table in a similar hue, and hang a Ghent glassboard on the wall to complete the layout. We have a thorough color matching process for custom glassboards, so you can match your new design scheme perfectly. To make the monochrome approach brand-relevant, choose a hue that appears in your company’s logo. This color scheme looks well-curated and gives your office plenty of personality.


Earth Tones


Paint brands have a big influence on trendy colors, and many manufacturers are forecasting earthy tones as the hot picks in 2021. These soft colors can still make a bold statement in your office, and they help you create a welcoming space for employees and clients alike. While an earth tone office is anything but traditional, it matches the trend of making offices feel homey and comfortable. To start brainstorming your new office, use this handy roundup of 2021 colors. When you’re ready to paint your office with earthy colors, complement the new color with a Define space divider. With custom fabric and laminate options available, it’s easy to make the new divider blend into your workspace. 


Timeless Neutrals

Not ready to try an unconventional color scheme yet? You can’t go wrong with timeless neutrals like white and gray. A fresh coat of off-white or light gray makes your office look brand new and well-lit. While these colors are a standard for many offices, they don’t have to be boring. They create the perfect backdrop for interesting office furniture and accent pieces. Because neutrals never go out of style, redecorating your office will be as easy as updating and rearranging furniture. To add a splash of color to your neutral scheme, consider painting an accent wall in a bright color. For inspiration, turn to Pantone’s colors of 2021—Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, a cheery yellow, colors that reflect the stability and optimism that have carried us through the uncertainty of last year.