The Science of Organization


When it comes to experiencing productive and intentional time at work, nothing can be more distracting and disruptive than a disorganized work environment. Outside of benefiting our productivity, a clean and chaos-free space positively influences our mental and physical health, too. So, what are the benefits, you ask? 


Reduces Stress and Increases Productivity

There is a reason high-performance individuals make their beds every morning. By doing this task first thing in the morning, you are beginning your day by checking something off of your to-do list. It gives you a sense of accomplishment, starting your day off in a positive way. The same goes for maintaining an organized work environment. 

By having designated areas for your papers and items, you are alleviating stress from your future by making sure everything has a place and purpose, giving you a much clearer mindset. 


Effective Organization Makes a Positive Impression on Clients

The saying goes, “You don’t get a second chance on first impressions.” And it’s true! Regardless of how your space is set up, you may have to hold on-site meetings from time to time. What better way to showcase your professionalism by having a work space that is organized, clean and welcoming! For common office areas, you can set this intention with Pallet Display. Designed to compliment open-plan workspaces, Pallet Display offers functionality and the ability for personalization.


Create a Healthier You

In a logistical sense, we lose loads of valuable time searching for that missing document, that sticky note or business card with an important phone number or address. However, the effects of disorganized workspaces can be more indirect. Much of the research (and general enthusiasm) around tidiness is focused primarily on the home. However, a recent study found workplace stress costs American businesses $190 billion a year every year in healthcare costs alone. It’s hard to turn a blind eye to the fact that workplace clutter plays a role in our lives. It’s time to clean!


So How Do I Tackle the Mess on My Desk?

Purge and Clear Out Your Space! 

Grab a trash bag and recycling bin and get rid of any excess paper and boxes you don’t need anymore that are laying around. Getting the items you do not use out of the way makes the other tips below go more smoothly.


Find a Home For Everything

Investing in items such as filing cabinets and paper trays help to eliminate easy opportunities to collect clutter. On a larger scale, Waddell’s Define has multiple functions for shared workspaces, including seamless tech integration, tack boards, glassboard writing surfaces, and storage for community needs—a helpful asset to encourage your team to stay organized. 


Organize Your Online Files, Too!

In a world that is slowly becoming more and more eco-considerate, keeping your digital documents organized is just as important as your paper ones. 


Creating Your Dream Space

Through weekly cleaning, functional office furniture, and a little bit of elbow grease, you’ll see a difference in your workspace—and maybe your headspace, too!