Effective Healthy Work Spaces With Proper Division


A Place to Thrive

Open-plan offices can create a more breathable lay-out. With no internal walls separating workspaces, it definitely allows for creativity and focus, as well as inspires communication between team members. However, with anything comes challenges. So, how can you create a functional, beautiful open-office space that fosters healthy collaboration and also allows your team the ability to focus? Today, we will be sharing with you tips and tricks on how to maximize your open office and make it a place you and your team will thrive!


So, Your Office Is Switching To An Open Layout…

You may be thinking to yourself of all the challenges that could come with switching from traditional cubicles to a more “exposed” layout. How will you have private conversations? How will you handle Zoom or Google meetings with background noise? Will you be able to focus? Embracing an open office doesn’t have to mean that you will sacrifice prime productivity! While different, it is also equally important to invest in proper division pieces that still compliment the new “flow” of your office, offering your team places to focus vs. collaborate. According to Gensler’s 2019 U.S. Workplace Survey, environments that are open, but also provide accessible private space are the most effective and give the best experience to the employees. 

Pallet Mobile offers a less traditional approach to furniture. On wheels, this multi-functional divider offers organization and shelving, creating temporary walls for those moments when you need space to divide and conquer! 

Define is the perfect open-office centerpiece. Whether you create seating around it or it stands alone, Define offers the opportunity to integrate tech seamlessly and keep your open office organized and functional.


2 Key Tips for Making Your Open Office Meaningful
and Functional 

Noise Management

To effectively lead your team in an open environment, it’s important to intentionally manage noise levels. While the “hustle and bustle” feel can be great and keep a team excited, office spaces that provide a healthy balance of energy with quiet focus help ensure that your team is not just staying energized but is engaged with the tasks at hand. 


Office Design

Open offices may lack walls, but they certainly do not lack design. With anything, you need balance. Having one giant room doesn’t do any good, nor does having a room with tons of dividers. Giving your employees the ability to toggle between areas that support solo work vs. collaborative work can make a huge difference in productivity.  The Pallet Space Division Furniture provides enough airiness and space delineation to meet the needs of any top-notch open office.


Intentional Focus & Stimulating Collaboration

A highly-functioning, healthy workspace depends on many factors, one of which is design! When your open office works for both intentional focus and stimulating collaboration, the overall energy of your office space tends to become more positive. No matter what feel you want to give your office, we have many options to aid you in finding the perfect addition to make your office feel both professional and unique.