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Protecting Health

In the midst of a pandemic, it’s important to adjust your office layout to protect everyone’s health. Whether you’re readying the office for your employees’ return or looking for ways to keep your customers safe, Waddell and Ghent offer flexible solutions for an adaptable office.


Supportive Solutions 

“In times like these, it’s the customers who are driving our product decisions,” said Chief Sales Officer Brad Pierce. “Many companies approached us about modifying our products for new needs. Our goal was to help and deliver a solution as quickly as possible. These aren’t necessarily the future of our products, but it is what people need from us now, and we’re here to support them.” 


New Product Line 

In addition to their existing lines of office furniture and dividers, Waddell has added new product lines for dividing workspaces and waiting areas. Read on to learn more about Waddell’s health and safety solutions.


Retail & Reception 

For areas where customers and cashiers or receptions will interact, sneeze guards help protect both parties. Waddell has clear protective shields to limit the transmission of airborne particles while allowing business in retail and reception areas to continue as usual. These adjustable dividers are available in two styles and four sizes to help you find the right fit for your space. 


Desk Dividers

If you’re getting ready to bring your employees back from their work-from-home setup, it is likely you will have to have protocols in place to keep them safe. In your office, you may not have the luxury of spreading out the office furniture to maintain adequate social distancing. Waddell’s sister company, Ghent, has desk dividers, allowing you to transform open office setups safely. They also offer personal desk dividers to protect students and teachers in the classroom and workstation dividers to create safe, shared workspaces. 


Easy to Clean, Simple to Set Up

You can feel proud protecting your workspace with Ghent and Waddell’s US-made products. Their dividers are made from high-quality glass and plastic that are easy to disinfect, and they ship in worry-free packaging. Each product comes partially assembled, so it’s a breeze to set them up and make your workplace safer.