Why Your Home Office Might Need Dividers



Multi-Purpose Living
There’s a whole lot of life that happens in your house. If you’re one of the many working from home during these times, there are even more demands placed on your dwelling. Making a workspace productive and trying to eliminate distractions can be an iterative process. It can take time to work on building a space that gives, takes, adjusts—until you find a setup that just feels right.

Delineate Your Space
Conventional advice would suggest setting up an office in a low-traffic room. Unfortunately, we might not all have that luxury. When square footage is at a minimum, it’s time to get creative. May we suggest some space division furniture to give the illusion of a separate room? Here are a few options to help delineate your space.

No-Fuss Adjustments
If you’re looking for a choice that can evolve along with the nature of your work, a moveable option might function best. Waddell's Pallet Mobile gives you the flexibility to move around the divider, finding the best angle to create your workplace. 

A Place For Everything
Storage can be another concern. Maybe you didn’t realize just how many tools you used at the office—that three-hole punch, stapler, tape dispenser—and the list goes on. Pallet Display offers plenty of room to conceal and organize all your accessories. Because a decluttered workspace can do wonders for focus.

Vertical Storage
And while you’re using dividers, why not incorporate some vertical storage? Carly Callahan, Designer at Homepolish and Founder of Callahan Interiors, imparts some helpful advice in a Real Simple article: “Don’t waste an ounce of space by tucking printers, filing, etc into corners and in drawers. Use all your vertical space, too, by putting cabinets up to the ceiling with varying types of storage and a wall hanging pin board to help organize supplies that might otherwise end up shoved in a drawer!”

Take Back Your Workplace
No matter what direction you’re leaning to adjust your home office, we have some excellent options to divide your space and take back your workplace.


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