Traditional vs. Modern Style



Decorating Your Office
When you’re decorating your office, you’ll have many styles of furniture to choose from. This decision isn’t just about aesthetics--the way you design your office can impact employees’ satisfaction and clients’ first impression of you. Two of the most popular styles for workspaces are modern and traditional. Which one is right for you? Find out below.

A Modern Mood
Also known as contemporary, this style of furniture emphasizes clean lines, a simple color palette, and minimal profile. Instead of individual pieces that stick out, modern furniture is designed to create a unified working environment throughout your office. Many modern styles incorporate a modular design, giving you the flexibility to easily rearrange your workspace. This feature makes it easy for even small offices to serve all your needs.

Incorporating a modern design into your workspace is easy with Define, Waddell’s line of collaborative space division furniture. This customizable piece of furniture allows you to break up an open office plan and introduce modular meeting spaces for your employees. If your company is a young start up or trying to rebrand and get the attention of younger demographics, redecorating your office with modern furniture can show that you’re in touch with the current trends.

A Traditional Touch
Traditional office furniture hearkens back to an older era of business, and often incorporates bold forms and dark shades of wood to make a powerful impression. This style has associations with power and a serious approach to business, so if you need an office to impress visiting clients, incorporating traditional furniture is a good move. Consider adding a floor or wall display case where you can show off company awards, individual certifications, and employee honors.

Mix & Match
Even if your pieces of office furniture don’t have a continuous theme, you can still create a cohesive office appearance with a bit of design strategy. Separating the office with modern space dividers can create a clean, welcoming backdrop. Adding an awards case, such as Vantage, can lend your office the gravitas associated with traditional furniture and allow you to show off your company’s achievements. No matter what style you prefer, you can find high-quality products from Waddell to suit your space.