Minimizing Distraction in the Workplace



The modern office requires careful planning to accommodate growth, collaboration, and productivity. By creating a flexible office space, you make it easy for your teams to find the work habits that work for them. As you’re redesigning your office, keep the ideas below in mind to make the best use of your available space.

Make Meetings Easy 
Meeting rooms are a must for your office, but if they’re constantly booked, they may cause friction between employees. Your flexible office plan should include first-come, first-serve meeting spaces that make impromptu collaboration a breeze. Space dividers that incorporate glass boards and digital monitors enable brainstorming and presentations on the spot. 

Keep the Sound Down
A flexible office space is more interconnected than a traditional layout, which makes collaboration easy, but it can also pose an endless source of distractions for employees who are sensitive to noise. This is a common problem—nearly half of employees polled in a recent survey said that noise in their open office hinders their ability to focus. Adding padded acoustic panels to your space dividers will dampen unwanted noise and make focusing easier for everyone.

Create a Focus Zone
Flexible office spaces put a priority on collaborating, but sometimes your employees will just need to dial in and knock out work on their own. Designating a space where conversations and phone calls are off limits provides the perfect retreat for anyone who needs to buckle down and cut out the distractions. 

Give Employees Options
One of the greatest advantages of a flexible office plan is the luxury of rotating between workspaces. An employee could start the day generating ideas in a collaborative space, move to a lounge area to work on expanding those ideas, and finish their day in a quiet, focused space to concentrate. As your team will likely incorporate many people with different working habits, creating an office with a mix of spaces to team up, relax, and focus will allow each employee to find a routine that works for them. 

The best part about a flexible office layout? You can make changes anytime with minimal hassle. Waddell’s Define line offers space dividers, seating, and planters to make your office more beautiful and functional, and they boast add-ons like monitors, acoustic panels, and glassboards. They also come fully assembled, so it’s easy to set up a flexible workspace that works for you.