How to Implement Biophilic Design



What is Biophila? 
You might read that title and think to yourself, “What in the world is biophilia?” Let’s take a cue from etymology to break the word apart. “Bio” means “of living beings”—in this case, plants. “Philia” denotes fondness. Put it together and the word means using plants to make spaces more enjoyable.

Bring in the Green
There’s been an explosion in the desire to put plants in homes and offices. People all around the world are discovering how adding some green to their space can be rejuvenating and uplifting. Where do these benefits originate? Well, there are several theories. We’ll delve into a couple in this article. 


In the Soil
It’s not just the leaves that provide health benefits. The soil plays a part, as well. This phenomenon is explained in a Piedmont Health article: “Microorganisms in the soil of the plant help clean the air as well,” says Garvey. “These microorganisms have also been found to have anti-depressive effects.” 

Improved Health
There are emerging studies that show these microorganisms act as probiotics in our gut and provide mood-lifting perks. A Science Daily article explained how CU Boulder researchers identified an anti-inflammatory fat in a soil-dwelling bacterium that can be linked to better health.

Put Into Practice
Now that we know the benefits, how do we put biophila into practice? To begin, think about a space that’s used often. Consider an area you can easily access in order to maintain the plants. Sure, up by the ceiling might look neat, but it would be challenging to water and prune.

Define Your Space
Waddell’s modular space division piece, Define, has the perfect spot to incorporate a biophilic feature. The Bench unit can have cushions to match the interior, or forgo the seating altogether and replace them with plants to add in a biophilic element to increase happiness, air quality, and warmth. Pallet is another piece that can accommodate biophilic features elegantly. The shelves are a great height to include a potted plant or two. Add in our new planter accessory to hang from your pallet, adding even more biophilia to your workspace. Contact us today and we can help get you started planning on how to green up your office.