How Real Offices Use Pallet



Put Into Practice
Maybe you’ve seen Pallet and admired its design but wondered how it could actually work in your office. Sometimes making the leap from appreciating a piece of office furniture’s form to visualizing its function can be quite the challenge. Well, we have you covered in gathering several applications. Read on to learn how Pallet can be the perfect addition to your space.

Lobbies & Reception Areas 
For starters, it can be a great first impression in your entryway. Set the tone in style with Pallet Wall on your way in. Personalize with awards, brand swag, plants, artwork—the possibilities are endless. Your guests will be greeted with fantastic design at the start of their visit.

Huddle Up 
Keep collaboration at your business’s core with a whiteboard integrated into Pallet Mobile. It will be ready for an impromptu workspace that turns effortlessly into a brainstorm session. The flexibility and airiness adds to the sense of creativity.

All Together Now
Pallet Display works well in groups—line a few together and you’ve created a room. Delineating space in open office settings can be a struggle, but with this approach it’s as easy as moving around the space division furniture. No permanent walls to contend with and plenty of light still filtering through. 

Workstation at the Ready
Have an off-site employee, client, and customer in the office? No worries—use Pallet as a desk for them to work or brainstorm with others. Suit up Pallet with accessories, including the whiteboard and Cubby for marker and eraser storage, to create a workstation with all the necessities.

Elevate Your Conference Room 
Add a touch of class and character with Pallet. Add storage to your conference room or private office while showcasing your brand with personal touches. Available with or without a credenza, make your conference room a joy to gather around.

In the Zone
Whether Pallet is serving as a section for reception, collaboration, delineation, a temporary workspace, or conference room, it has a way of anchoring an area. Take a look at examples and see how Pallet can get to work in your office.