Culture Trends in the Workplace



Keeping Competitive

A company can’t stay competitive anymore by offering generous 401k packages or paid time off. More employees than ever are looking to culture to see if it’s the right fit. And it makes sense. A worker typically spends 40 hours a week or more in the office, so it’s only appropriate that we want to make those hours mesh with our values and ideals.


Mental Health Support

One of the most meaningful culture trends of 2019 was the emphasis on mental health. We’re finally acknowledging as a society that our emotional wellness affects our work and employers are making this support a priority–whether that means providing counseling services within a big organization or encouraging time off when difficult and demanding life events are happening.


General Wellbeing

While we’re at it, an overall sense of wellness is a big cultural trend right now. A Social Media Week article highlighted research from Wunderman Thomson that coined recent times “the so-called ‘purpose revolution’ – a redefinition of what humans are here for, what makes us happy, and, with millennials especially, what we’re spending our money on. A lighter note, definitely. The three pillars that undermine this belief are wellbeing, self-improvement, and experience.”


Redesigning for Collaboration

An article in Forbes states the importance of flexibility in the modern office place: “Chief Human Resources Officer Melissa Anderson explains that Duke Energy has shifted to an agile way of working including redesigned work spaces to encourage collaboration, implementing stand up meetings, embracing minimally viable solutions and other agile best practices.” 

Creating office furniture to flex in different settings is what Waddell’s space division line, Pallet, aims to do. Pallet Mobile is even more flexible, rediscovering the need for configurable work solutions and abandoning the one-size fits all approach. Supporting today’s workflow in open offices, Pallet is perfect for promoting collaboration.


Employee Recognition

Acknowledging your employees’ hard work is a great way to establish a productive environment and to maximize employee retention. According to a study completed by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) “Over the last five years, retention/turnover has climbed to the top of the list of workforce management challenges cited by HR. Providing timely, meaningful employee recognition may help employers retain employees and deal with other common workforce management challenges like recruitment and culture management.” 

Consider using a wall case to showcase employee pictures that have been recognized. Waddell has several options that can integrate beautifully into your workplace and can help your recognition programs to be carried out elegantly. A wall case can be a special point of pride in your hallway or conference room that reminds employees that dedication pays off.


Profound Trends

The future looks bright! With an emphasis on collaboration, recognition, and wellbeing, the zeitgeist is headed in a healthy direction.