Problems With the Open Office

& How Pallet Solves Them



Keeping Focus
The modern office. It shines in all of its multi-purpose-ness. But it can clamor with all of its distractions. How can we make it work for both collaboration and focus? We’ll share a few tips and tricks to make the office more conducive to productivity.


Best of Both Worlds
The perfect use for Pallet is in a co-sharing workspace. Open offices can help radiate an energy akin to a buzzing beehive. However,  the constant movement of your fellow co-sharers can make maintaining concentration difficult. Not having a full-time desk can make creating a habit field a challenge. Pallet Display can separate those spaces within an open office to create privacy when necessary.

In contrast to the necessary privacy that is sometimes needed, Pallet Mobile provides the option to encourage collaboration and teamwork. The mobile unit can be used by those who do not have a permanent desk or for those that need to create temporary walls for space division, like the Display.


Habit Fields 
What’s a habit field, you ask? This A List Apart article sums it up well: “Here’s how I like to think about it: Every object emits a habit field. When we sit down at the desk in our office to work, we shape its habit field into a productive one. When we sit down in a lounge chair to watch our favorite TV program, we nudge the chair’s habit field toward relaxation and consumption. The more we repeat the same activity around an object, the stronger its habit field gets. And the stronger its habit field gets, the easier it is for us to effortlessly fall into that mode of behavior the next time we’re around the object.”


Space to Think
So, there you have it. Open  spaces can set the tone for our train of thought, productivity, and general energy levels. The next logical question is how can we create that positive habit field in a space that’s constantly in flux? That’s where we can help. Despite not having interior walls, Pallet Display and Pallet Wall can give the illusion of having an office within an open space. This general feel can greatly improve perception of a working habit field. 


More to Love
Furthermore, the Pallet Collection gives you flexibility–configure to meet your current needs and adapt to reconfigure and meet your future needs. Another perk of Pallet is the ability to curate to match your desired design. Visit our site today to find your perfect match for the space you call work.