Natural Design Trends for the Workplace


Making an office environment more natural can help workers feel happier and be more productive. There have been bevies of research in the last few years further drawing the link. How can you make the approach work in your office? Read ahead for suggestions on how to make your space more natural and inviting.


Bringing the Outdoors In
A huge trend right now is biophilic design, the whole idea of bringing the outdoors inside. The approach can be as minimal as incorporating stone and wood into decor or as intense as having a giant green wall filled with living plants. But the effect remains consistent–people feel more at ease and at peace having nature brought indoors. There are even extensive studies that tout the health benefits.


Making the Office More Like Home 
Another big trend is making the office feel more like home. So much so, that a portmanteau has been created to express the term: “resimercial.” A Coalesse article explains the phenomenon: “A combination of ‘residential’ and ‘commercial,’ the resimercial approach brings aspects of home into the contemporary workspace.” Which creates a different kind of sustainability–allowing workers to sustain a healthy energy to the office.


Natural Finish For a Brighter Ambience
For a more natural look, unfinished wood is a great choice. Not only does it help brighten interiors, but it can be easier to integrate with a wide range of interior designs. Natural finish for Knotty Pine is a favorite in our space division line, Pallet. The natural finish combined with white creates a very modern and crisp look.


Off to a Rocky Start
Décor Aid highlights the benefit of going with a natural design and offers more ideas of using stones, as well: “These interior design trends are making our spaces look more authentic and unique. You can apply natural wood in your home interior design, along with different stone materials, such as pebbles, granite, marble, and those materials that resemble and complement with natural elements.”


Creating a Space That Feels Lively 
In the end, it’s about developing a sense of energy in interiors to keep the workday from feeling stagnant. Bringing some of that dynamic vibrancy that’s found in nature and replicating it in our workspaces can help with creativity and productivity.

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