Start a Story With Your Space


Born in a two-story grain elevator during 1887, Waddell formed its start with a problem and a simple solution: putting a handle on a coffee grinder to make it easier to hold with two hands. This success shaped our passion for problem-solving, as we became not only artisans and innovators. From creating cash registers, cigar cases, and x-ray egg testers to post office fixtures and display cases, we've been working to solve problems for over 100 years.

A lot has changed over the past century, but our commitment for fine craftsmanship and innovating has pushed us to be the leaders in new spaces.

Our display furniture is made from good honest materials made to showcase the pride in your work. Our growing product line is built around the idea of storytelling: display cases and space division furniture.


Meet Our Latest Product: Pallet

Pallet was designed specifically for open offices in need of space division for privacy and to easily transition from huddles to private workspaces while maintaining an open and airy environment.


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