Environmental Branding: Your Office is a Part of Your Brand

office room

Businesses across the country spend billions of dollars every year building and advertising their brands and promoting them to their customers. But one trap many companies fall into lies all too close to home: the design of their office.

What do customers see when they walk into your office, store, etc? Do they see your brand, or do they see something more generic? Are they met with a cookie-cutter, completely interchangeable landscape that is similar to many other offices? Is there anything — besides maybe a sign with your company name on it — that alludes to your values, brand aesthetic or sense of style? If not, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to wow your customers with environmental branding.

First impressions matter, and people are more likely to remember the first time they stepped into your office than the first time they came in contact with your brand via advertising. Yet while many companies focus on advertising, they often leave their offices as a places that are never meant to be seen. But your office, much like an ad campaign, can help sell your products or services, as well.

How Environmental Branding Sells

While the basic idea of environmental branding is to wow visitors, it should ultimately lead to an even more important result: selling your products.

Environmental branding helps your business boost sales by:

  • Making your business look professional and credible

  • Helping you stand out from your competition

  • Increasing awareness and recognition

  • Inspiring customers to take action more quickly

  • Providing a great customer experience

Remember that a well-branded and inspiring office can be the difference between making and losing a sale.

Environmental Branding Tips

Environmental branding is more than mere decoration. It is about establishing an environment that aligns with your company values while giving visitors a unique sense of who you are.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind

  • Be true to yourself: people can see right through fake, kitschy decorations. Know your values and showcase them.

  • Have a strategy: don’t do something just because it looks cool. Everything you do should be inline with your brand strategy.

  • Combine utility and aesthetics: don’t simply decorate just to make your office look nice. Remember that people actually have to work there.

  • Think long term: environmental branding requires time and resources, so make sure your investment will last (both in terms of durability and timeless style).

Let Us Help Build Your Brand

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