Setting Up Corporate Offices with an Open-Concept Design

open office space

Are you designing a corporate or traditional office space with an open concept? As businesses move into the modern world, open concepts have become more popular because of their ability to increase collaboration and teamwork among employees. They also have a certain aesthetic that makes a space seem larger, more inviting and comfortable.

There is just one problem: many people don’t exactly know what to do with all this space. Years ago, offices had an easy-to-follow layout with designated areas for a conference room, employee offices/workstations, common and break areas, etc. How do you layout and manage these spaces if your office design begins with a large, completely open space?

Mastering Space Division

Space division is essential in open concept layout. Not only will it help keep your employees focused, it will also bring some order and meaning to the design of your space. Open concepts can be a bit chaotic, but you can create a beautiful and functional space by using the right furniture to carve out areas for specific uses.

Start by making a list of the spaces that you require within your office. Which of the following areas do you need:

  • Reception/lobby/waiting area

  • Conference room

  • Impromptu brainstorming areas for employees

  • Common areas/break rooms

  • Offices or workstations for employees

  • Office supply areas

  • Closed off areas for meetings or private conversations

Once you have an idea of which types of spaces you need for your office to function well, you can divide specific areas using furniture, space dividers and other design elements that are cohesive to the work environment. Need a space for employees to get together and work on a project together, make sure you have a place for them to sit and tools (whiteboards, etc.) for them to use. Looking to carve out an area for storage and office essentials, surround a space with wood display cabinets and other furniture that not only designate the space’s function, but are also utility-based too.

Make it Personal to Your Company

It’s your business, so make it look like it belongs to your brand. Invest in customizable furniture that allows you divide and add a bit of personalization to your space. That’s why we created our newest piece of space division furniture, Pallet. This brand new piece is fully customizable for both utility and aesthetics. You can choose from a huge range of features that include:

  • Movable shelving

  • Magnetic whiteboards and accessories

  • Hooks and cabinets for storage

  • Multiple door pulls of differing styles

  • A range of wood finishes and laminate options

  • USB and AC power outlets

  • Double and single-sided options

These options allow you to customize our Pallet display furniture based on your company’s brand and how you want to divide the space in your open concept office design. It’s the versatility modern businesses need in their office design.

To learn more about how Pallet furniture can be used in your office, read our comprehensive application guide.