Waddell Craftsmen: Thanks to the People Who Build Our Furniture

waddell craftsman at work

Waddell is thankful for all the hard work that our team has done in order to make this company a success. Over the last 128 years, we have grown from being a new business specializing in small products and retail fixtures to an established company that crafts full-sized, customizable display furniture and trophy cases.

A Time-Honored Process

Our products may have changed, but our process for creating them has not. To this day, every case we sell, whether made of metal or wood, is handcrafted using techniques that have been passed down from craftsman to craftsman over the years. The handcrafting process has not changed much — it’s a process that we are proud to say still produces amazing results — but the people who have taken part in it have come and gone over the years.

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It’s All Thanks to Our People

All our craftsman are amazing at what they do, and they take great pleasure in creating each case piece by piece. It’s not as easy as running designs through an assembly line, but it’s the way our craftsman have always preferred to work, and the result is a case that is every much as durable as it is beautiful.

Every case that they build has their signature on it (not literally). They know that when a case is finished, it’s something that they personally built. And when you receive your case, it’s the result of a person’s bare hands and raw talent. That’s something you won’t get by working with many other companies.

The Difference is in the Details

You can see the difference that our craftsman make in every case that they build. To take a look at some of their handiwork, download our product catalog.

A special thank to the craftsman, and all our employees, who have made our company such an incredible success these past 128 years.