Creating a More Productive Office Space

productive office space

Businesses lose money every year because their workers aren’t as productive as they should be. The total amount varies based on each company, depending on how engaged and efficient workers are. There are many reasons for losses in productivity, and one of those is attributed to the design of an office. Studies have shown that simple changes in office design can result in more productive employees.

To increase employee productivity, follow these tips.

Make Employees Comfortable, But Not Too Comfortable

Comfort is the key to productivity, but there is a limit to this concept. When people are too comfortable, they can become lethargic and lazy. There are many things you can do to make your employees more comfortable:

  • Regulate room temperature: Studies have shown that productivity is at its best when temperatures are kept between 70 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Workers who are too cold or too warm are often distracted:

  • Invest in good furniture: When chairs are uncomfortable, employees are less productive and more likely to take off work due to issues with pain.

Balance Collaboration and Privacy

Some people work better in teams, while others work better when they are left alone to concentrate. Rather than grouping everyone together to work in a central location, or have everyone cordoned off into cubicles, find a balance that allows for both.

Set up areas within your office where employees can come together to brainstorm or work on projects together, or set aside some private areas where workers can get their tasks done without being distracted. Find the right balance for your employees and you will see their productivity increase.

Offer Refreshments and Short Breaks From Work

Your break room is just as important as employee workspaces. Studies show that taking breaks increases productivity because it allows workers a chance to step away and recharge, in turn allowing them to focus more later on. Snacks and drinks also help to keep employees nourished, so make the small investment in providing some brain fuel for your team.

Give Employees Something to Work Towards

One of the best motivators for employees to increase their productivity is to show them that their work really matters. If the business wins, so too should the employees. Offer rewards for those who work hard and help the business in any way that they can.

You can also set aside a space to display any awards or accolades that the business has received. Contact us about custom display cases to show your employees, and your customers, how well the business is doing in its industry.