Waddell Furniture: An American Company

waddell furniture

At Waddell, we have been making products that people love for more than 128 years. Everything we have created, from our original products (coffee mills, rat traps, cash registers, money drawers, etc.) to our modern display cases have been designed, built and sold in the United States.

A Time-Honored Tradition

Since 1889 (that’s more than 128 years!), we have dedicated ourselves to building a company that prides itself in its expert craftsmanship, remarkable people and high-quality products made in the U.S.A. That’s the Waddell way.

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Display Cases That Are Built in the U.S.A

We manufacture each and every one of our cases in house. Keeping our manufacturing in the U.S. allows us to ensure that the very best standards of quality are upheld. It also allows us to have fast turnaround times, delivering your case in the fastest amount of time possible. Most of our cases ship within 7-10 business days and arrive fully assembled.

Manufacturing products in the U.S has also allowed us to build a community we can be proud of right here at home. Our workers have become a family that works together to create products that people across the country love to display.

Display Cases That Are Handcrafted to Precision

Our craftsmen are experts at creating custom display furniture. Since they build cases from scratch, piece by piece, this allows you to customize your case to perfectly match your space. You can choose from a variety of customization options that suit your display style.

See how you can make your display case unique to your organization.

Display Cases That Are Built to Last

Starting with the finest materials, we build your case piece by piece, all with the utmost care. Our company has lasted for more than a lifetime, and we want your display cases to last just as long.

When you purchase a case from us, you are purchasing a display solution for life. We understand that the items you will place inside of it are important to you, and we want them to remain safe and secure inside a case that will last for generations.

Let Us Build Your Case

We can’t wait to get started building your display solution. To see the quality of our products, download our catalog. To get started on designing your case, contact our team today.