How to Add Flair to Your Office or Lobby

office design

Your office says a lot about your company. While you may be tempted to go with a simple design and keep it clean, nothing speaks louder to potential and existing customers than an attractive office interior. It will demonstrate that your company knows how to keep up with changing trends, cares about its appearance and is filled with creative thinkers.

If you are looking to add a bit of flair to your office, follow these easy tips.

Find the Right Balance of Color

Choosing the right colors for your office is all about balance. If you pick a single color and use it everywhere, your office will appear flat, monotone and boring. If you go wall-to-wall with different colors everywhere, your office will look like a nauseating mess.

Find a nice, balanced color for your office walls and then add bits of complementary colors throughout the space. If you have colors in your logo, add them throughout your office to create a nice, continual theme. 

Add Some Life 

Take this tip literally by adding a few plants and other greenery to your office. Not only will they boost the morale and productivity of your employees, they will add a nice, natural look to your office, too. Just make sure that you take care of them so they don’t wilt and die. 

Encourage Employees to Decorate 

Every person is different, so encourage all of your employees to bring something from home that personifies who they are or shows off their individuality. It will add an attractive bit of diversity to your décor and can even act as great conversation starters with visitors.

Some great items to bring in are:

  • Pictures with family and friends

  • Books they love

  • Anything that relates to their hobbies

  • Something that they made themselves

Bring the Noise

Quiet offices are awkward, so bring in some music to liven the place up a bit. To keep everyone working hard (and sane), rotate the music each hour and let different employees play what they like.

Show Off Your Achievements

Placing a trophy case at the entrance of your office or in the lobby is not only a great way to add character to your space, it will also show off your company's achievements, as well. First impressions are important, and having your company’s awards showcased in a beautiful display is a great way to make a positive impression on potential clients. It can help demonstrate your expertise, sell your products or services and solidify your company as the right choice in the minds of visitors.