New Trends in Office Furniture and Décor

modern office space

Office design trends are constantly changing. Take it from a company who has designed and built custom display furniture for over a century. Recently, we have seen a big shift in the way the modern office is designed, and some new trends are popping up that are changing the way companies choose to layout and decorate their offices.

Here are a few of the most recent trends you will see in office design.

Integrating Nature and Light

We spend a majority of our time indoors. Actually, almost all of it, to be more exact. Research has shown that the average American will spend about 93% of their life indoors. It’s a sobering fact, when you think about it, which is why modern office designers are forcing nature into their environments.

It’s long been established that having plants in the office encourages creativity and productivity, but designers are taking the concept of bringing the outdoors in much further. Windows are becoming larger, allowing more natural light into offices, and greenery continues to make its way into office spaces. In the coming years, watch as the concept of living walls (vertical gardens that cover entire walls) makes its way onto the scene.

As nature-based designs become more prevalent, we can expect to see more wood cases and display furniture integrated into these environments. The natural look of wood furniture perfectly complements environments lush with plants and trees.

Open and Collaborative Concepts

Traditional office design promotes privacy, with closed-off offices and cubicles acting as personalized spaces where employees can hunker down and get their work done. As younger, more social generations enter the workforce, the demand has shifted from private office designs to open and collaborative workspaces. Where rows of cubicles once sat you will now find groupings of desks facing one another, encouraging people to interact and work with one another.

Modern designers love an open concept, which means that traditional floor cases may not be desirable because of the space they occupy. If this is the case with your office, it may be ideal to opt for a built-in wall display case, which can showcase awards and items without taking up valuable real estate in the floor plan of your modern office.

Rustic is Back

Watch more than five minutes of a televised design show and you will know that rustic, old-fashioned designs are in style. Pallets are being turned into furniture, reclaimed wood from barns are being used as building materials and even the industrial look of metal is making a huge comeback.

It is not uncommon to see modern office designs looking almost like factories, with exposed brick and metal rafters framing the outline of workspaces. This opens up a lot of possibilities for metal furniture, particularly aluminum display cases. These cases fit perfectly into spaces that have the older, more industrious-looking design that has become popular.

New Designs for Office Furniture

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