How to Integrate Your Display Furniture Into Your Space

contempo lobby display furniture

Your display furniture is meant to match the style of your space while calling attention to the items or awards you place within it. But no two spaces are alike, which is why we handcraft the display cases that we sell.

Whether you are looking for a floor display case that acts as a focal point in your office or a wall display case that saves space while standing out, the case you choose must be successfully integrated into your space.

How can you do this?

Choose the Ideal Location

Before you even begin to think about the design of your display furniture, ask yourself where it will be located. Are you looking for a lobby display case, a hallway display case or something for another room in your office? Where you place your case will have a huge impact on its overall design. Its color, size, shape and lighting can all be changed to match any environment, so take some time to find the ideal location for your display before getting into the design specifics.

Display Tip: To get the most out of your display furniture, put it in a location where both your employees and customers can see it. Displaying your awards and achievements is a great way to demonstrate your expertise to customers while boosting the morale of your employees.

Find a Balance

Once you have chosen your ideal location, take note of the style of the room as well as the other furniture on display. You want to choose a piece of display furniture that accentuates your space but also stands out and showcases your achievements.

The first major decision you can make is between aluminum and wood display cases. Take a look around your space and see what fits the best. Do you have other wooden or metal furniture? Does your space feature wood or stone floors, carpet or tile? All the design aspects of your space will help you choose the best case.

Customize Your Display Case

Small design choices can make big differences in the look of your case, especially if you are trying complement or match your environment. From upgraded lighting to colored finishes and shelving options, there are numerous custom design options that you can choose from:

  • Lighting: you can choose from halogen, flourescent and LED options.

  • Wood Finishes: we can custom match our displays to the color of the wood used throughout your space. Simply provide us with stain samples on wood or veneer finishes.

  • Laminates: our colored laminate options allow you to seamlessly integrate your case into your space.

Looking for more customization options? Contact us to make a request today.