Crafting Excellence: How We Build Our Display Cases

waddell floor display cases

Every Waddell display case is built using techniques that have been carefully honed over the last century. Waddell’s trained craftsmen have perfected the art of creating high quality display furniture that lasts.  These techniques have been passed down from generation to generation. While decorative styles change, the basis for what makes a good quality display case does not.

How do we build our cases? There are four major steps that transform your ideal display into a case that is delivered right to your door.


Nothing will make your display a better fit for your space than customizing it yourself. While we are more than happy to make a few recommendations, you can choose from a variety of finishes, sizes, and much more.

To see all the options that are available to you, view or download our online catalog.


Once our craftsmen understand everything you need in a display solution, they will go to work building your ideal case.

All our wooden cases are made from high quality raw wood that we receive from vendors. The wood is fed through a moulder to even out and finish the edges. The pieces are then cut to the specific dimensions and tenon/mortise joints are added to fit the pieces together.

See our builders in action.


Building a sturdy frame that is guaranteed to last is only the beginning. Once your case is constructed, we move it to the finishing process where the wood is stained with four coats of finish.

Why four coats? Because we are not looking to save on materials costs, we are looking to create the very best products in the industry. Multiple coats not only seal and protect the wood, they give it an elegant finish that looks great in any space.

Once the case has dried, we insert fabric backing and all the other features (lighting, etc.) that you requested.


It sounds like a long process, but your case will be completed, wrapped and ready to ship within 7-10 days. Your case ships fully assembled and is packaged with care. All of your shelving and brackets arrive with your case and are ready to go.

We have one of the lowest shipping damaged rates in the industry, and we guarantee that you will be happy with the case that you receive.

Let’s Get Building

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