How Lighting Affects Your Display Case

Vantage Display Case

The way you choose to light your display case may seem insignificant at first, but it has an incredibly significant effect on how your items are showcased. Even if the lighting in your space isn’t the greatest, properly lit display cases allow their contents to stand out.

Many of our cases come with standard lighting options, but you can also choose from premium options, as well. These options give you a remarkable amount of control over the way your case (and items) are lit, allowing you to transform your case into a great addition in your environment.

The type of lighting that is right for you depends on a few factors:

Do You Want Your Display Items in the Spotlight?

If you want your items to be accentuated within the case, then halogen spotlights, also known as “puck lights,” are a great option for you. The cylindrical shape of these bulbs offers a targeted lighting solution. They will direct light onto your case’s contents, giving them the attention they deserve. Halogen spotlights come standard on most cases.

If you are looking for a more even lighting tone within your case, you can choose fluorescent or LED lighting options.

Looking to Save Money and Energy?

If you are looking to keep energy bills to a minimum, or want a more eco-friendly lighting solution, then LED light is right for your case. LED lights give off the most light per wattage and can last up to 50,000 hours with continuous lighting.

Fluorescent lighting is the second most eco-friendly option.

How is the Lighting in Your Space?

Your choices in lighting will depend on the current lighting in your available space. Take into consideration:

  • How well the area is lit

  • Whether there is natural or artificial lighting

  • What kind of lighting (LED, incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, etc.) is present

  • Whether or not you will have lights pointed directly at the case

Learn More About Display Case Lighting

Many of our display case lines come with optional and upgradeable lighting options. To learn more about the options that are available to you, take a look at the custom solutions section of our product catalog.

If you have a specific request for your display case, we want to hear it! Contact our team today and let us know what you need.