If Your School’s Trophy Case Could Talk

recessed trophy case in hallway

If your school’s trophy case could talk, what would it say? Would it talk about the children it sees every day? Placed in the hallway of your school new or old, it watches children go by, it watches stories unfold.

Would it tell you of how it encourages them to try hard in school, to win more awards, because that’s what’s cool?

Would it talk about watching championships being won, records being broken and teams having fun?

Would it tell you about how it stood empty one day, until the students worked hard to fill it in every single way?

Would it tell you how it inspired freshman to never take any flak, to go out and win that next award, next trophy, next plaque?

Would it tell you how it watched the school grow old, the classes go by, new stories get told?

Would it tell you how it will stand forever, as the years go by, inspiring all who see it to work hard and try?

If your school’s trophy case could talk, what would it say? We think it would have something new to say, every single day.

Inspire Your Students

We’ve talked about how hallway displays have the potential to inspire students to be better, to strive to win awards for success in academics, sports and within the community. At Waddell, we want you know that your school’s trophy case is more than a custom display. It is a part of your school’s history.

Students, parents and teachers will recognize that your case, and everything in it, tells the story of the countless students who walked your halls, and it will inspire the countless more who will soon walk past it every single day.

We’ve been crafting custom display cases for more than 100 years. To learn more about the schools we have worked with and the products we sell, download our catalog or contact our team today.