Tips for Making a Display Case Unique to Your Organization

edge floor display case in hallway

At Waddell furniture, the ability to provide hundreds of options as well as custom features  is our standard. When it comes to our custom display cases, you can choose from a variety of options that include:

  • Floor, hanging or recessed cases

  • Variety of sizes

  • Standard or premium lighting

  • Various color options

  • Laminates and finishes

  • Shelving and other hardware

  • Hidden locking mechanisms and more

We take pride in the craftsmanship that goes into creating each one of our cases, and we want to build you the precise case that you are looking for. Wondering how to design a case that is unique to your organization? Follow these simple tips:

Match Your Material to Your Organization’s Environment

The choice between aluminum and wood display cases is not just about personal taste. It’s about choosing a material that fits in with the space where the case will be displayed the best.

Wood, with its more natural and timeless appeal, will fit in with your organization if the style of your space is more traditional, rustic or timeless. The natural look of wood compliments a more residential and warm environment.

Aluminum cases are geared towards for organizations that have modern, industrial-looking spaces. The minimalist appeal of metal makes it a great fit for organizations that are looking to convey modern style and simplicity.

Choose Colors That Reflect Your Brand

The color of our display cases can be customized to reflect your brand or space. Our craftsman can match each display to any wood stain with provided samples on wood or veneer finishes as well as match any laminate to your brand colors. We also have custom fabrics that are available for the backing of your case, allowing you to customize your case to fit perfectly into your environment.

If your organization doesn’t have a particular color pattern, or it’s not necessary to apply those colors to your display case, think about the environment that the case will be placed in. What colors will go best with your space?

To see all our color and finish options, download our product catalog.

Add a Custom Logo

To truly make your display case your own, we can add custom artwork to the backing. Whether you are looking to add your organization’s logo or any other imagery, our team can help you complete your case with your own personal touch.

We invite all our customers to challenge us with any customization request they can think of. Find out if we can make your ideal case a reality by contacting our team today.