How Hallway Displays Encourage and Inspire Students

floor display case in school  hallway

Educators teach, guide and inspire children every time they step into the classroom. It is perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of a functioning society. Why? Because nurturing young minds and encouraging them to succeed is how we secure our future. Our children are the ones who will take care of us when we become too old. They will run our government, own our businesses and go on to teach yet another generation of young minds.

Failing to Engage

Despite the importance of this task, studies have shown that up to 40% of students are chronically disengaged from their schoolwork, and the problem of student motivation is well documented within the educational community. While teachers can try their best to keep students motivated, engaged and wanting to succeed, they aren’t always guaranteed to keep students on the right track.

How Schools Can Use Display Cases to Inspire Students

Every student dreams of being something better. Some want to be a famous artist, musician or author. Others dream of being professional athletes, while some dream to one day discover something new in their field of study.

The one thing that ties all of these together is the sense of accomplishment that comes with doing something that matters, and the physical manifestation of these accomplishments come in the form of awards. Whether the awards are championship trophies, recognition for excellence in a field of study or first place medals, the feeling of accomplishment that comes with them are what inspire students to do better.

When students see these awards in their schools, they become motivated to add their own accomplishments to the displays. School administrators can add to the motivation of their students by placing musical awards in display cases by their music classrooms, art awards in displays by their art classrooms and trophies in various trophy cases by their gymnasium.

The Accomplishments of Others Motivate Students to Do Better 

As your students walk through the hallways of your school, what do they see? Rows of lockers? Classroom doors? Blank walls? To help inspire them to become what they have always wanted to be, let them see how they can be rewarded for all their hard work.

Let them see the awards that they could one day win.

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