Whether part of a remodeling project or new construction, Waddell Recessed Cases are the perfect fit. The built-into-the-wall design allows for a high degree of security with an absolute minimum of free space. Sliding tempered glass doors with ground-in finger pulls, built-in locks, steel shelving hardware, and white laminate interior side panels are standard. Special design allows for easy installation by a qualified installer and a precise fit into rough wall openings.


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Standard Sizes

  • 48"L × 48"H × 16"D | 60"L × 48"H × 16"D
  • 72"L × 48"H × 16"D | 96"L × 48"H × 16"D

Custom Sizes

  • Width: Up to 96" opening for one box. (Rough opening can be wider and contain multiple boxes.)
  • Height: Up to 72"H for fully framed door; up to 60"H for unframed door; up to 48"H for hinged door.
  • Depth: Overall case depth 4" up to 36" (standard is 16").

Back, Sides, Top, and Bottom Color Options

 white laminate finish cork natural backing

Plus, custom laminates from:

pionite   wilsonart   formica

Specifications and Options


  • Glass shelves from 4" to 14" deep (standard is 12" for 16" deep
  • case). By attaching standards to sides of case, shelves can be full
  • depth on 48" case.

Back, Sides, Top, and Bottom:

  • White, veneers, vinyls, customer chosen laminates from Wilson
  • Art, Formica, or Pionite Backs – cork, textiles, textiles over
  • cork (tackable)


  • Sliding or hinged tempered glass doors.


  • Optional box fluorescent lighting mounted inside of the box.
  • Minimum 15" deep opening for lighting.


  • 1" flange surrounds the case and a 2" face to create a finished look on-site, and it is ultra thin (1/16") to fit snugly against the wall.
  • Actual case measurements will be approximately 1/2" less than overall opening to allow for adjustments on location.
  • Drawings will be provided and need field verification before production begins.
  • When multiple boxes are utilized, a 2-1/4" spacer (wood) is provided for connecting the boxes side by side.

*Most Waddell Cases can be modified to fit your needs. Challenge us at 800.622.1331



Lifetime Warranty
At Waddell, we take pride in the quality of our cases and your satisfaction with their craftsmanship. Thus, Waddell warrants our cases to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and care. Waddell’s Limited Lifetime Warranty covers replacement of parts and material. You can trust Waddell to be the leader in the display case industry with quality that will last a lifetime.