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Have you ever ordered products from overseas? When you purchase these products quality goes out the door, as well as the ability to modify the product to complement your existing interiors or design specifications.

Our expert craftsmen develop each case from raw materials right here in the USA. This allows us to make modifications to meet your spec by changing finish options, backing options and even certain widths and heights. See some examples of customization below:



Lighting can be an important factor in effectively displaying your most valued items of pride and achievement. Many Waddell display cases come with optional lighting capabilities. Check the product listing to determine if lighting is available on your preferred custom display case. You can even upgrade from standard lighting choices to premium.


At Waddell, we know complementing your new display case with your current furniture and décor is important. A great case doesn't stand out in a room, it blends seamlessly with your décor to showcase the items put inside. That is why we have partnered with top laminate experts in the industry to provide a variety of premium laminate options to allow you to match your custom display case to any environment.


Want your custom display case to match the color of the wood stain used throughout your space? We can custom match our displays to any wood stain. Just provide us with samples of your wood or veneer finishes. Over the years, we have developed an assortment of industry standard colors and materials for our backing options. However, custom fabrics are also available to ensure your display case matches your exact needs and fits cohesively within your particular environment.


We know each display case will be showcasing a variety of materials and weights. That is why we can work with you to determine the size and thickness needed to build a custom display case that meets your exact requirements.


Give us a Challenge!

Our artisans love challenges, most cases allow for modifications to help you design your case to you complement your interiors, call us today to get started!­­