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Setting Up Corporate Offices with an Open-Concept Design

Open office concepts have become more popular because of their ability to increase collaboration and teamwork among employees.

Limitless Applications - Pallet Space Division Furniture

Pallet was designed specifically for open offices in need of space division while maintaining the ability to filter light and allow your space to still feel open and airy.

Dividing Space with Refined Beauty

Designed to fit the needs of today’s open plan workspaces that are mobile, collaborative and configurable, Pallet provides space delineation while allowing environments to feel open and airy.

How to Complement Open Office Environments With Pallet Display Furniture

Pallet is the first of it’s kind for the display furniture industry, and we know that our customers will love these displays as much as we do.

Waddell Redefines Space Division with Pallet

Designed to fit the needs of today’s open-plan workspaces that are mobile, collaborative, and configurable, Pallet provides space delineation while still allowing environments to feel open and airy. In addition to being a beautiful way to divide space, Pallet allows users to create collaborative work environments for meetings, brainstorming sessions, or impromptu workstations with a breadth of optional accessories.

Waddell Craftsmen: Thanks to the People Who Build Our Furniture

A special thank to the craftsman, and all our employees, who have made our company such an incredible success these past 128 years.

Creating a More Productive Office Space

Studies have shown that simple changes in office design can result in more productive employees. To increase employee productivity, follow these tips.

Waddell Furniture: An American Company

Since 1889, we have built a company that prides itself in its expert craftsmanship, remarkable people and high-quality products made in the U.S.A.

128 Years of Waddell History

Over a century ago, Waddell began manufacturing products that people loved. Our display cases, which showcased the products of major US companies, were among them.

How to Add Flair to Your Office or Lobby

Your office says a lot about your company. If you are looking to add a bit of flair to your environment, follow these easy tips.